REMIX CONTEST- Uplink & Harley Bird’s “Chemistry”

Uplink & Harley Bird‘s “Chemistry” is now available for a REMIX CONTEST. Here are the details:
1) download the original stems here:
2) remix the single in your style. Creativity preferred!
3) send your remix (MP3 or download link) over to
4) DEADLINE for your entry is APRIL 7TH, 2018, 0:00 CET.
5) Uplink, Harley Bird and the A&R team of JOMPSTA will personally review your versions.
6) The no. 1 remixer will win a 100 EUR gift card for studio gears and his/her remix will be released on the “Chemistry” remix EP. The following 3 remixes will also appear on the remix EP.
7) The WINNERS will be announced on APRIL 9TH. The remix EP will be released mid of April.
Good luck everyone! 😉

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